Website Redesign: Valley Teen Ranch

Website Redesign: Valley Teen Ranch


We have to thank our friend Liz for introducing us to the amazing ministry of Valley Teen Ranch. Valley Teen Ranch began as a Group Home in rural Madera County for young men. Over the past three decades they’ve grown and added a Foster Family Agency, Adoptive Services, and Transitional Living Home.

Liz also introduced us to Connie Clendenan, the CEO and amazing visionary who has tirelessly built VTR over the past 30 years to help thousands of young people and families. When I (Kent) met with Connie I asked her questions about VTR’s mission, its vision for the future, and its current needs.  Then we looked at their current website and how we could enhance it to ensure it wouldn’t just look better, but would also actively work to fulfill their needs and goals.  In addition to updating the content and design, we decided on a few things in the redesign:

  1. Produce fresh HD video content that clearly conveys the mission of VTR and makes visitors aware of the many programs it offers
  2. Create a discussion forum for foster parents to act as a resource for foster parents
  3. Drive traffic towards their mailing list
  4. Make giving online easier and more obvious
  5. Highlight current sponsors


Hopefully we’ve given Valley Teen Ranch more than a website, but a valuable resource that will help them to spread their mission, assist foster and adoptive parents, connect with potential donors, and, most importantly, help thousands more families and children find the help they need.


Valley Teen Ranch

Valley Teen Ranch’s Redesigned Website

Welcome to Central Cog Design

Hello & Welcome to Central Cog Design!

Kent & Kim McCorkle - Founders of Central Cog Design

My name is Kent McCorkle and my wife and I are the founders of Central Cog Design.  We moved to Fresno during the Fall of 2011 and have fallen in love with this great city.  Prior to relocating, we mostly heard negative things about Fresno with well-meaning friends asking, “Why in the world would you want to move there!?”  But having experienced it for ourselves, we know what a great place it is, from the very land it sits on to the people who walk it.

Because of our love for Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley, we started CCD as a way to help prosper our community, its businesses, and its people.  We truly believe that through intelligent & reasonably-priced local marketing that we can increase the connection between local companies and the local customers they both need.  In fact, that’s where the name Central Cog Design comes from as we want to be that “central cog” that connects local companies with local customers.  We know there are many great businesses in Fresno, but other people need to know it too!  Once that happens the businesses are blessed, the customers are blessed, and eventually the entire community is blessed as the businesses increase their revenue, hire new employees, and expand into new locations, even as the customers find great local providers for the services & products they need.  It’s a win-win-win!

In the future, I hope to use this blog as a way to highlight some of the great businesses here in Central California, while also sharing some helpful and easy to implement local marketing tips that will help any company.  If there’s ever anything that we and Central Cog Design can do to help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us via the contact form at the right or the Contact Us link above.

God Bless,

Dr. Kent L. McCorkle